NBC’s “Dracula”

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything at all here. My time kind of shifts between fields of study. As I’m preparing for another lecture in February, this will begin another time of vampire study. But, for now, I plan to write something about NBC’s “Dracula” series once the season finale has aired this Friday. If nothing else, it is an interesting twist on the story.

Why We (Heart) Vampires!

Why We (Heart) Vampires!

Apparently, NBC News will be airing a one-hour special title “Why We (Heart) Vampires” tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT. You can read a description at the link above.

Keeping the Dead…Dead

Keeping the Dead...Dead

This is a flyer for a lecture that I will be giving at the Corinth campus of North Central Texas College tomorrow.

Vampire Edition of IndieJudge!

Vampire Edition of IndieJudge!

Welcome to my new blog!  To get started, I recently wrote an article on the many actors that have played Dracula over the years, and it was published in the independent film Ezine IndieJudge. The whole issue is devoted to the topic of vampires, so take a look.


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