October Updates

This has been a very busy semester. I am travelling quite a bit, although always within Texas. Last week I gave the first in my busy schedule of Dracula related talks for this month. We have a few English classes at the college that are reading Frankenstein  and Dracula  this semester, and I am speaking to all 4 classes twice as they work through the books.

So, last week, I spoke to two of the classes as they finished Frankenstein and prepare to begin Dracula. I talked about the summer at Geneva and a general overview of the literature from Frankenstein to Dracula, focusing on Polidori’s The Vampyre; Varney the Vampire; and Le Fanu’s Carmilla. I then briefly touched on Stoker, since these particular classes haven’t actually started the book yet.

Tomorrow (Monday), I will speak to the other two classes. They have finished Frankenstein, and are beginning Dracula, as well. But, for these classes, I will focus more on the historical context for Dracula, although much of it will be the same.

On Wednesday, I will do the first of the public lectures, The Real Dracula: Separating Vlad the Impaler from the Fictional Count. It will be repeated the next week on a different campus. This lecture will focus on Vlad the Impaler’s life, and what it Stoker actually knew about it, which is not much. I’ll also talk about the various films that have meshed the two together, including the newest one, Dracula: Untold.

I’ll also be Skyping into a Dracula party that our honors society is having this Friday, and I’ll be talking to them for a little while about Dracula on film. I’ll expand on that again later in October and in November when I revisit the 4 English classes towards the end of their Dracula readings.

And, that’s about it, except that I think I will start working on a sequel to my article for the Vampire Edition of IndieJudge. There have been a few more Draculas on screen since then.



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